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‘Making a difference’

A TV show developed by Hydro in Brazil gives insight into our operations. Watch here.

The metal of the future

Hydro launches greener brands

New greener brands CIRCAL and REDUXA set a new standard for low-carbon and recycled aluminium.

Hydro launches greener brands
CIRCAL and REDUXA greener brands

Aluminium poles for all your needs

Aluminium is the right choice when it comes to light poles. It is easy to customize the shape and light signature of aluminium poles to your overall plan for a specific area or urban building project.

Aluminium poles from Hydro
Design flexibility is one of the advantages of aluminium light poles

Design with aluminium

Let us show you how aluminium can be used in myriad ways – starting at the drawing board.

Education in aluminium
discussing plans

Innovation happens when experts unite

Hydro is partnering with the world’s leading designers and producers. Together, we can work to reduce our carbon foot­print and enable a circular economy.

When Experts Unite
Experts Unite group photo
Illustration image landscape

Esame visame pasaulyje ir šalia jūsų

„Hydro“ Lietuvoje

Žiūrėti visas vietas

Apie „Hydro“

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40 šalių

35,000 darbuotojų


„Hydro“ yra visiškai integruota aliuminio įmonė, kurioje dirba vietinę ir pasaulinę praktiką bei neišmatuojamas mokslinių tyrimų ir technologinės plėtros galimybes derinantys 35 000 darbuotojų 40 pasaulių šalių visuose žemynuose.


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