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The collateral templates have been created to secure visual consistency between surfaces and across our organization, as well as to provide a good starting point when beginning a new project. There are templates available for editorial design, brochures, advertisements, posters, flyers, fact sheets, invitations and diplomas.

Most template files include several layout variations demon- strated with dummy text and images. Editorial and brochure templates are accompanied by demo documents. These should be used both for layout inspiration and as a general placement guide. Please note that all of the images in demo documents and template files are placeholders only, meaning they are not production ready.

You will find the Hydro logo, paragraph and character styles with proper kerning and baseline adjustments as well as brand color swatches in all of the templates. When relevant, the template will also have a predefined grid system to secure proper alignment of text, images and graphics.

Throughout the templates, a light gray color has been used to indicate image placement.

Only use the templates provided here, and please note that the templates may evolve over time. It is therefore important that you are working from the latest version. The templates provided here will always be up to date.

Advertisements (ads) Brochures Editorial Posters Flyers Fact sheets Invitations Diplomas & certificates Pull-ups