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Hydro Rein currently has a diversified portfolio of 26 renewable energy projects under development in core markets in the Nordics and Brazil, in addition to a significant pipeline of Energy Solutions projects in Europe and North America. Hydro Rein has an ambition of 3 GW (gigawatt) installed capacity (gross basis) in construction or operation by 2026, leveraging on a unique customer offering and Hydro group’s century-long track record in developing industries that matters. 

Through Hydro Rein, Hydro is helping the industry tackle climate change. The company is also looking for opportunities beyond the Hydro portfolio and we are developing a range of energy solutions to assist industries with the management and optimization of its energy consumption and storage behind-the-meter. 

Our business model is based on agility and the ability to leverage Hydro’s 100+ years of renewable energy and industrial development. Our diverse team has the expertise and the resolve to develop projects, services and solutions that make a difference for our clients and the societies they are part of.

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Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on industrials’ need to decarbonize, where tailored solutions are required to overcome the energy transition hurdles. Hydro Rein provides access to low carbon solutions such as certified renewable power, onsite generation, energy efficiency, energy storage and flexibility management.

Hydro Rein is developing a diversified portfolio of wind, solar and energy efficiency projects with a differentiated value proposition:

  • Customer-centric products and solutions to support industrials through the decarbonization challenges
  • Unlocking value across assets through core competencies in power markets and commercial project optimization
  • Trusted long-term partner for customers, developers and local stakeholders
  • The Hydro energy legacy and platform
wind farm at Stor-Skälsjön in Sweden
Construction of Hydro Rein’s wind farm at Stor-Skälsjön in Sweden


The transition from fossil to renewable-based energy systems plays an important role in tackling climate change. We have the legacy and capabilities to help industries getting access to affordable, cleaner energy in a responsible and sustainable way, helping them optimize their power consumption and reduce their footprint.
- Olivier Girardot, Head of Hydro Rein

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Energy news

  • Hydro Rein expands wind power development activities to northern Sweden
  • Hydro starts onsite renewable energy production with battery storage systems at aluminium plants in Sweden
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