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Hydro Rein’s quest for sustainable energy production – A talk with those walking the walk

Marte Rusten and Gerson Lopes have two very different backgrounds, but they share the same passion and enthusiasm for developing renewable energy solutions with high sustainability standards.

Marte and Gerson are both working for Hydro Rein. Marte works as a Sustainability Manager and Gerson as a Technical Manager. It is the company’s high ambitions that attracted them both. Hydro Rein offers renewable energy solutions to industrial players, through solar and wind power. 

“My job is to ensure that our projects are developed in line with sustainability targets. We have ambitious targets with regards to our impact on nature, social responsibility and our climate footprint. The focus is on selecting the right areas for developing projects and avoiding areas with valuable nature is key. We have a continuous focus on identifying opportunities for positive contributions to nature and the local communities,” says Marte. 

Hydro Rein implements sustainability in all phases of their projects, from screening, development, construction and operation.   

“When I joined a year ago, I questioned on what basis existing projects were chosen. It turns out there is a very comprehensive due diligence process, and several profitable projects have been turned down due to the impact on nature, social surroundings and the climate being too high. It feels good to be part of a company that puts nature ahead of profit,” says Gerson. 

Thankfully an increasing number of Hydro Rein’s clients demand more sustainable energy solutions, meaning that sustainability and profitability often go hand in hand. 

A diverse group of people

Marte holds a PhD in molecular biology, while Gerson has a master’s degree in meteorology. Their diverse background is a good representation of the employees at Hydro Rein.

“One of the key reasons for joining the company was the opportunity to learn different sides of the business. I have 10 years of experience from the wind industry on the technical side. In Hydro Rein, I can expand that expertise by working closely with the financial experts we have. Together we optimize projects to be both technically feasible, but also profitable, while Marte and her colleagues can assess if they are sustainable,” says Gerson. 

“Everyone is very open to pass on their knowledge and they are equally open to learn from others. We have a collective desire to push the envelope in this business, and that means using all our collective competence and ideas. Being in such an environment is very stimulating,” says Marte.

The diversity of the employees is mirrored in the culture of the company, where a start-up meets a company with deep roots. 

“We’re kind of building the car while we are driving it, which creates a great vibe and energy, despite the challenges we have to face along the way,” says Gerson. 

“At the same time, we are Hydro, with more than 100 years of industrial legacy. We benefit from the competence and experience, not to mention the solidity,” says Marte. 

Room to speak your mind

In a company where nothing is set in stone, it is important to let everyone be heard.

“Our job is to question the status quo, so we like people who are innovative and like to tackle challenges,” says Marte. 

“That’s why we let everyone be heard and we encourage people to question just about anything,” adds Gerson. 

The benefit of this culture of letting everyone speak their mind is two fold though. 

The great benefit is not only that we develop better ideas and more sustainable projects, but it also makes the workday that much more fun,” says Marte.

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