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Mohammed Al-Dekany

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Meet Mohammed: ‘Working within our field of study is amazing’

Mohammed Al-Dekany, 24, is an intern in Hydro’s marketing and communication team, where he found “good chemistry and an inclusive work environment.”


My origins are from Iraq. However, I was born and raised in a small town in Norway called Gjøvik. Having a multicultural background, it was not hard for me to feel at home with the existing diversity in Hydro.


I am currently studying an MSc in strategic marketing management at BI Norwegian Business School. Prior to this, I also took my bachelor’s degree at BI in international marketing. During my bachelor's degree, I was also on an exchange at Kingston University, UK.

Position and location in Hydro

My internship position is in the marketing and communication team of Hydro.

Mohammed Al-Dekany
Intern Mohammed Al-Dekany, left, with friends in Oslo.


I am working on developing a marketing campaign along with two other interns. Being able to collaborate and work together with the other interns has been a pleasant experience which have made our project better. Related to the marketing campaign, we have had varied workdays consisting of different tasks. As part of developing and running a marketing campaign we have encountered different challenges which we as a team have been able to solve.


Getting this opportunity to gain experience working within our field of study is amazing for us students. It has been both enjoyable and educational to be able to participate in an internship where we are involved and have been allowed to devote a significant amount of time to project of our own, where we have been able to experience and analyze all parts related to Hydro’s presence on social media.


I have gotten to know many people in the company, and they have all been welcoming. During my internship here, I also have the pleasure of working alongside two other interns, something which I enjoy very much. We have a nice team at work, with good chemistry and an inclusive work environment. I have also gotten to know interns in other departments of Hydro, which has been a pleasure and a great way to expand my network.


Being here at Hydro, I have been able to share my knowledge and experiences, while also being able to gain knowledge from my coworkers’ knowledge and experiences.  Working with a variety of tasks, I have also been able to develop my skillset in multiple areas. I believe that there are good opportunities for growth and development at Hydro.


My goal is to be able to inspire and create content which will benefit people.

What would you say to someone thinking about working for Hydro?

I've had a great time so far and would strongly advise any students to do an internship at Hydro. I would highly recommend it. I have not been here for a long time, yet I have learned so much and gotten a variety of experiences. I am looking forward to the rest of my stay here!

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