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Aluminium strip for electrotechnics

Electrical power gets lighter and easier to afford, with aluminium as highly conductive material for electrical transformers, vehicles, subsea cables... Our premium conductor sheet, HYDEC, matches high conductivity with high strength.


Hydro over decades has been an international leader in aluminium strip for electrotechnical applications, transformer windings notably.

Now our renowned, very pure conductor material HYDEC 1070 has a strong sister: HYDEC 6xxx matches high conductivity with high strength, from a lean process – promising unmatched efficiency in lead time, carbon footprint and product performance.

The high-strength conductor Hydec 6xxx offers excellent properties also for deep-drawing. High strength 6xxx alloys are well established in extruded aluminium products for electrics and electrotechnics. With HYDEC 6xxx, we expand these benefits also to flat-rolled aluminium, thanks to a novel process chain based on our lean, continuous strip casting.

Potential applications may include busbars, collector plates, connectors or cell cans. Ask our dedicated specialists for lighter electrical engineering, with our flat-rolled aluminium solutions.

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