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Culture security

Working towards an individual awareness of the risks to a collective sharing.

woman inspecting stacks of aluminium sheets

In France more than 1 200 employees are working in 4 differents factories, to which are added the temporary staff, the external companies and the sub-contractors. Our priority is the health and safety of the people working for us and those who are affected by our activities. 

We strive on a daily basis to promote and improve the health of the company's employess and sub-contractors. Our goal is to create a workplace where people can be active without hurting themselves and using our facilities without harming the surrounding communities. 

We want each collaborator and subcontractor to leave in the same physical state as when they arrive in the morning. 



Says Yann Beck, Managing Director of Hydro Extruded Solutions France.


Based on this, we decided to accentuate our approach. The whole Management Commitee along with Virginie Delorme, HSE coordinator in France, decided to focus on the awareness of risks involving each individual. 

We were supported by the ETSCAF company in this approach on behavioral safety. A two-days training was given to all managers in France in order to provide them with a methodology through a pragmactic tool. 

Thanks to this training, we can observe the behavioral changes in the factory.  We can also notice the different approach from the managers. The rules does not have to be repeated, it is about the employee identifying himself and becoming aware of the surrounding risks in order to develop countermeasures together with the management. 

Explains Virgine Delorme.


Similars approaches are established to guarantyee the partners' and sub-contractors' safety, who must respect the same rulas as employees.

A communication campaign about critical risks will soon be launched to boost the approach: Energy isolation, Fall prevention, Mobile equipment, Confined space entry, Molten metal, Overhead crane and Contractor management. 

Discover soon our new safety logo made by Hydro extrusion France employees during the 2019 safety challenge!