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Social responsibility strategy

Making a positive difference by strengthening local communities and our business partners.

Children in sports attire on a soccer field
Engaging with local youths is important to improving lives and livelihoods where we operate.

Acting responsibly is part of Hydro’s DNA, and integrated into our overall purpose, values, business strategy and processes. Internationally recognized standards provide the platform for our approach and initiatives. We are committed to respecting and supporting the human rights of all individuals potentially affected by our operations.

Engaging with our stakeholders through dialogue helps us understand what is expected of us, what is important to our stakeholders and how we can solve common challenges.

The United Nations (UN) encourages businesses to align their corporate strategies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to better achieve results on social, environmental and economic issues facing the world.

We have therefore aligned our strategic drivers with three of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Our strategic drivers

Targeting the fundamental drivers of long-term development.

In line with our stakeholders’ expectations and needs, and through strong partnerships, we aim to:

Goal 4; quality education. Goal 8; decent work and ecomomic growth. Goal 16; peace, justice and strong institutions.

Hydro will contribute to quality education and capacity building for 500000 persons in our communities and for business partners from 2018 until end of 2030.

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