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Logo with tagline

“We are aluminium” is Hydro's tagline and can either appear with the Hydro logo as a pay-off or as a main message, headline or in a text.

Hydro sail logo with tagline

If "We are aluminium" is used as a headline it should not appear with the logo on the same page. On communication material with more than one page, such as brochures, it should only be used with the logo on the last page and never on the cover. On one-page material, such as banners, posters and ads, it should appear with the logo, with a fixed position below the logo. It should not be used on any stationary. (Letterheads, ID cards, business cards, documents etc.)

Our tagline sums up the premise of our brand and reinforces who we are and what we stand for; We are the world's leading provider of advanced aluminium products and solutions - and by uniting internal and external experts, we engineer the future, lightweight our planet.

Tagline should only be used in connection with our primary logo. Do not try to re-create the tagline version, but use the files provided below.

Tagline should never appear together with the horizontal logo.

Clear space tagline logo



tagline logo primary in blue, aluminium, black and white