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Press releases sobre a situação da Alunorte

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Detailed timeline and overview of the Alunorte situation

IBAMA – Confirmation of no overflow from Alunorte’s bauxite residue deposits

SEMAS – Confirmation of no overflow from Alunorte’s bauxite residue deposits

Study by professors from the Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil

NRK Brazil documentary – Background and facts (pdf)

Enviro-Tec Report (in Portuguese) (pdf, 9.03Mb)

SGW Environmental Review – report (updated April 14)(pdf, 7.33Mb)

Alunorte conference call March 15 2018 (Media, 8.80Mb)

Presentation on Alunorte situation March 15 2018 (pdf, 1.65Mb)

Termo de Ajustamento de Conduta (TAC) - Assinado com o Ministério Público e Governo do Pará/SEMAS

Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) – Signed with Ministério Public and Government of Pará/SEMAS.pdf (pdf, 0.18Mb)

Term of Commitment (TC) – Signed with the government of Pará.pdf (pdf, 0.17Mb)

Hydro conference call on TC and TAC agreements April 06 2018.mp3 (Media, 5.17Mb)

SGW Environmental Review – presentation April 09 2018 (pdf, 2.67Mb)

Internal task force report April 09 2018 (pdf, 2.92Mb)

Internal task force report – presentation April 09 2018 (pdf, 2.36Mb)

Hydro main presentation 09 April 2018 (pdf, 1.09Mb)

Hydro press conference 09 April 2018 (Media)

Hydro conference call April 09 2018 (Media, 4.62Mb)

NGO Instituto Peabiru report on removal of dwellings from Hydro industrial land 2017 (pdf)

Note from SEMAS, January 15, 2019 (pdf, 0,2Mb)

SEMAS lifts Alunorte’s production embargo (in Portuguese)

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Inspection of Alunorte bauxite residue deposit