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Hydro Extrusions Espoo

In Espoo, Hydro is present with a sales office for its Extrusions business serving the Finnish market.


Aluminium for sustainable design and production

• Light, strong and flexible, aluminium can be formed to fit any expression. An extremely durable material, it can make products last for generations. 
•  Aluminium is 100% recyclable and can be recycled again and again without losing its properties.
Recycling aluminium only requires 5% of the energy used to produce the primary aluminium. 
• Hydro produces more than 70% of its aluminium using renewable hydropower, making it among the greenest aluminium in the world.

Você sabia?

Cerca de 75% de todo o alumínio produzido ainda está em uso


Hydro Extrusion Finland Oy

Klovinpellontie 1-3

02180 Espoo

+358 9 8678280