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We aim to have a learning culture based on a growth mindset and curiosity among our leaders and employees, where learning is embedded in your daily work.

Learning happens continuously through experience, exposure and education. What you do on the job is most important for your learning and development, but knowledge sharing with your colleagues, formal learning programs and sources of self-exploration also support your learning journey. In Hydro we want to make sure that you have a variety of learning methods to choose from that fit your individual learning needs.

Whether you’re an operator, specialist or leader, you get the opportunity to develop your career and build and enhance your skillset. 

Through our ONE Learning system, you can browse through our course catalog to discover courses that are relevant to your development needs, including a vast learning library of high quality external learning content, local and global classroom training, webinars, e-learning, access Leadership library, and more. 

Continuous learning and development through involvement and empowerment 

Your learning and development will be followed up by your leader during the ONE dialogue. The aim is to make sure you can reach your full potential and perform at your best – today and in the future. Through a structured dialogue between you and your leader the following questions will be covered:

  • What is expected of me? 
  • How am I doing? 
  • How can I develop my skills further?  

We believe that employees who feel included, have ownership and feel empowered are more content and perform better. 

Our global development programmes: 

Global Onboarding programme: Online onboarding programme assigned to all new employees, with the purpose of providing an introduction to Hydro as a company, its history and values, and create a sense of belonging.

Hydro Mentor Program: The purpose of this program is to share knowledge across the organization and develop and maintain top talents.

New Leader in Hydro Program (NLP): The purpose of the NLP is to develop 'Leading the Hydro Way' leadership competencies and to accompany the transition from expert to first leadership position. 

Hydro Professional Program (HPP): The purpose of this program is to equip Hydro professionals to be able to thrive and deliver in a changing world with rapid disruptions. It also aims to provide professionals from across the organization with an understanding of the new digital reality and the skills, knowledge and network needed to navigate and perform in an effective and efficient way.

Hydro Leadership Program (HLP): The purpose of this program is to support the development of leaders. This is achieved by increasing the understanding of Hydro’s value chain, strategic direction and key commercial values, equipping oneself with the necessary competencies for future roles in the organization, and translating leadership the ‘Hydro Way’ into relevant actions.

Hydro Executive Program (HEP): HEP aims to pave the path for Hydro’s current and next generation senior executives enabling the program participants to lead with confidence in an increasingly competitive business environment.

edX: Develop in your current role or plan for a future role by achieving a certificate or master’s degree at world renowned universities through our partnership with edX.

LinkedIn Learning: Access a vast learning library of short courses within a range of business-related topics.

Local programs: A variety of local programs and introductions are available for both leaders and employees depending on location.

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