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The elegant curves of Green Furniture’s seating grace airports from Scandinavia to North America to Australia, and many destinations in between.

When the company was searching for a more sustainable metal for their new line of airport gate seating, called the Ascent Series, they found Hydro’s CIRCAL, a low-carbon product guaranteed to contain at least 75% recycled aluminium.

circal aluminiumHydro CIRCAL, like all aluminium from Hydro, is light, strong, and corrosion resistant, making it the perfect metal for furniture. And at the end of a long life in use, the aluminium can be recycled – again and again, forever.

‘Sustainable’ is our story

Founder and designer Johan Berhin says that his philosophy is that the company’s furniture is built to last – in design as well as from sustainable resources: "Green Furniture is a purpose-driven company. We're here to make a change in public interiors, but also to drive a sustainable transformation in the furniture industry."

Read more about our Low-carbon aluminium

That philosophy resonates very well with CIRCAL low-carbon aluminium and Green Furniture’s values.

“Our goal was to develop a sustainable and light-weight seating, so we looked at using aluminium as part of the construction,” says Hanna Carlsson, Creative Designer at Green Furniture Concept. “Since we are interested in circular economy, we found Hydro and CIRCAL a perfect fit.”

In April 2021, the company's Ascent series won the Red Dot Award for high design quality, and you can read more about the award and collaboration with Hydro here.

Ascent airport furniture

The aluminium support beam running under the seating elements of the Ascent Series is not only strong and light, it is extruded with internal channels for hidden wires to the integrated power charging stations. No more “cable clutter,” the company says.

Other materials in the new beam seating line are also chosen with sustainability in mind. The legs are made of recycled metal, the wood for the seats comes from certified sources to support sustainable forestry, and even the feet on the legs are recycled – from ocean plastics!

green furniture concept in airport
Green Furniture’s offerings can be seen at airports in Dublin; Paris; London; Stockholm; Calgary, Canada; Fort Lauderdale, U.S.; Edinburgh; Nice, France; Reykjavik, Iceland; Cardiff, Wales; Malmö, Sweden; and in Finland and Mexico.



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