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Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) index

We use the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI) Standards for voluntary reporting of sustainable development. The guidelines include financial, environmental and social dimensions relating to the company's activities, products and services.

GRI collaborates with the United Nations Environment Programme and UN Global Compact. Hydro has reported according to the GRI guidelines since 2003.

We have chosen to combine our GRI reporting with our Communication on Progress in accordance with the Global Compact’s 10 principles and 21 advanced criteria. The index also includes references to the International Council on Mining and Metals' 10 principles and position statements as well as to how we relate to the Aluminium Stewardship Inititative's (ASI) 11 principles and underlying criteria.      

We believe that our reporting practice is consistent with GRI's reporting principles in all material respects. We report in accordance with the GRI Standards, including the G4 Mining & Metals Sector Supplement and certain G4 Electric Utility Sector Supplement indicators that are relevant to us. The sector supplements are still available in G4 only. Our report is in accordance with the "Core" option as described by GRI SRS 101.

Hydro's external auditor KPMG has provided limited assurance on the full Viability performance section in Hydro's Annual Report

Please refer to page V41 of the report for the independent auditor's report. Where there has been made a cross-reference to the Viability performance section in the GRI index, the information is included in the scope of this assurance engagement. For other references, assurance is not applicable. 

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