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Why invest in Hydro

We are a leading aluminium and renewable energy company that has created business opportunities for more than a century by developing products, solutions and industries that address global needs and demands.

Why invest in Hydro
28BNOKAdjusted EBITDA10.5BNOKFree cash flow18.6%Adjusted RoaCE5.4NOKShareholder payout31,00040CountriesZeroFatal accidents11.3MTCO2eGreenhouse gas emissionsownership equity(scope 1 and 2 emissions)Employees

Our approach to more sustainable industry

Being engaged in the long aluminium value chain provides us with advantages that are unmatched by our global peers.

We have the ability to influence the production from its origin. By tracking each step along the way, we are able to document and be transparent about our sustainability practices.

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