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Innovation with aluminium

Aluminium inspires designers, architects and engineers to innovate and challenge the status quo. The flexible metal has endless possibilities to create exciting products that change the way we live in innovative and sustainable ways.

Aluminium crash box

Endless possibilities for innovation

With its unparalleled possibilities for tailoring shapes and forms, aluminium unlocks the creativity of designers and engineers alike. Add the unique properties of light weight, corrosion resistance, steel-like strength and easy recycling, and it's no wonder aluminium has become the material of choice for an increasing number of industries.

Aluminium is light weight

A product made of aluminium is just one-third the weight of one made with iron or steel. This makes for solutions that are smarter, greener and, in general, better all around.

Aluminium is flexible

Aluminium is extremely malleable and our rule of thumb is if you can draw it, we can shape it. Our extruded solutions enable designers, architects and engineers to shape aluminium in every form imaginable.

Aluminium is strong

Aluminium can be formulated with various alloys to equal and even surpass the strength of steel, allowing for exchanging steel in many constructions.

Aluminium is conductive

Aluminium has great cost and weight advantages over copper, replacing the latter as the conductor of choice in utility grids such as housing, buildings, aircraft and appliances.

Aluminium is durable

Aluminium may be the most sustainable construction material in the world. It is very resistant to corrosion compared to steel or breakage compared to plastic.

Aluminium is easy to recycle

An interesting fact about aluminium is that 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use. Recycling alumimium also requires very little energy, only 5% of what’s needed to make the metal the first time.

Visste du det?

75 procent av allt aluminium som någonsin har producerats används fortfarande

Circular Economy: Design

Whether you are a designer, engineer, architect or sustainability practitioner, we hope this paper will provide new perspectives and knowledge on how to achieve circular economy in your work.

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The eternal life of aluminium

Pre-consumer scrap is typically scrap that comes from the production process and has never been used before it is remelted again.

Post-consumer scrap is aluminium that has already lived a “life” – maybe in a window frame or a can – and has now been recycled to be turned into something new. The most CO2-efficient recycled aluminium products are the ones made from post-consumer scrap.

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