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Brake lines

They are safe and they are light. Our new brake lines meet OEM specifications and are the ideal solution in aluminium for brake systems.

Automotive brake system
Automotive brake system
Brake line specification
Brake line specification

New high-strength aluminium alloy

Hydro has developed a high-strength aluminium alloy that meets requirements for the application. We also designed a process layout that satisfies the demands from the brake system market.

Protection with Hycot® coating

To ensure protection against corrosion and stone impact, the aluminium brake lines are coated with HYCOT® PA12, which is a recognized coating in the automotive industry.

Connection design

We have also developed end forms and screws to obtain a durable connection between brake line and fittings.

Meet OEM specifications:

  • Vibration
  • Burst
  • Torque
  • Leak
  • Coating adhesion
  • Corrosion





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