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a laboratory worker

An important part of Hydro's overall technology strategy is that our researchers cooperate closely with operators and experts in optimizing operations in existing plants.

We have a high-level in-house competence base – in core areas it is world-class. This is particularly valid for the casthouse and electrolysis areas, where Hydro develops its own production technology.

With such a deep understanding of the processes and the equipment we are also better positioned to assist and optimize operations. This is important in order to obtain a competitive cost and productivity position. In recent years we have intensified our efforts in using this competence to improve our operations. 

One of our major advantages in Hydro is the knowledge and control of our integrated value chain. This enables us to find innovative ways to handle waste generated throughout the aluminium value chain and have a holistic approach to our emissions and water consumption, so the greatest efforts are put where the impact is largest.

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