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Hydro Aluminum Cassopolis, MI

Hydro's state-of-the-art aluminum recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan starts construction in early Q2 2022 with production commencing in 2023. The plant will produce 120,000 metric tonnes (265 million pounds) of aluminum extrusion ingot per year.

Illustration of Hydro's recycling plant in Cassopolis, Michigan

Cassopolis highlights

Number of employees: 70
Begins production: 2023
Production: 120,000 metric tonnes (265 million pounds) of aluminum extrusion ingot per year
Products/specialties: Automotive

When completed, the plant will provide 70 new, local jobs, aid in automotive innovation and will be a key stepping-stone in Hydro’s ambition of doubling recycling of post-consumer aluminum by 2025.

Hydro will invest an estimated 150 million dollars to complete the project. Applications for the aluminum produced in Cassopolis will include critical automotive applications as well as other transportation uses, consumer and building system applications.

Hydro is positioning itself to become the leading producer of low-carbon, recycled aluminum in North America. Recycling scrap aluminum requires only about 5 % of the energy used to produce primary aluminum, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Hydro’s unique production capabilities means the company can upcycle post-consumer scrap to produce a range of value-added products to demanding customers. 

Following completion of the Cassopolis plant, Hydro will have the ability to produce over one million metric tonnes of recycling-based aluminium billet each year in the U.S., making it not just the largest recycling-based producer of billet in America, but the largest producer of billet (either primary or recycling-based) in the country. Hydro is bringing its next-generation recycling technology, pioneered in Europe, to the plant in Cassopolis. 

The Cassopolis plant will be the first large-scale producer of Hydro CIRCAL® in North America. Unique to Hydro, Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum extrusion ingot contains at least 75% post-consumer scrap, certified by third-party auditors DNV GL, and has a market-leading CO2 footprint of just 2.3 kg CO2e/kg aluminum. With a growing focus on sustainably produced aluminum, several North American customers have expressed interest in Hydro CIRCAL®.


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