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The city of Antwerp equipped with 920 last generation theft-proof aluminium parking meters

IEM started as a family business in electronic engineering over 30 years ago. Now they are all over Europe, developing efficient and intelligent on-street and off-street parking solutions, such as the aluminium-made parking meters they just delivered to the city of Antwerp.

Aluminium parking meters

One of IEM’s main products is the PrestoInteractif parking meter, an intelligent parking meter with an integrated interactive touch screen (color option) and modular interface with several payment options including contact and contactless credit/debit cards.

a parking meter in a cityIEM considers design, quality and safety as important characteristics related to user experience, and they brought these into PrestoInteractif production. As a key material, they chose aluminium.

In this case, the biggest advantage of using aluminium is that the parking meters can be produced from only one aluminium profile. This reduces the risk of theft and damages, and makes it easier to integrate different functionalities.


One-stop shop

Hydro is delivering the complete solution to IEM as a one-stop shop. We extrude the profiles, machine them, then handle the surface treatment with our in-house powder coating operation.

Interested in seeing these parking meters in real life? Visit the inner city of Antwerp. And bring your card.

About IEM

IEM is a leading European provider of intelligent solutions to manage on-street parking. The company offers a broad range of state-of-the-art solutions to municipalities as well as parking operators aiming to improve the urban mobility experience. All activities are 100 percent self-financed, allowing the company to take a long-term approach on business strategy and execution.

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