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Choose from a broad range

Our broad range of light poles consists of conical and cylindrical-stepped light poles. They are manufactured from seamless aluminium tubes and are supplied in natural brushed aluminium as standard. If required, we deliver the light poles anodized or electrostatically powder coated. We offer:

  • Functional light poles
  • Decorative light poles, custom-made and shaped by your ideas
  • Special designed or engineered solutions, i.e. hinge poles
  • Accessories for all types of ground surfaces and for protection of the poles

We can easily customize the shape and light signature of aluminium poles to your overall plan for a specific area or urban building project.

Low maintenance costs for cities

Maintaining light poles can be an economical burden, but if you choose hinge poles that can be raised and lowered easily, like our HiLo pole, you get a highly cost-effective solution that offers easy maintenance.

All our light poles are manufactured according to the EN 40 norm and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.

Contact us today and discuss your project with one of our experts
The right solution for a development project in Zanzibar is bringing a new shine to Fumba Town. All-aluminium light poles now brighten the city with blue strip lighting at night, giving it a carnival atmosphere, and provide the functionality that is needed.
The wooden poles that illuminated Katwijk’s coastline in the Netherlands for the past 10 years are there no longer. They have been replaced by aluminium poles. Though you probably would not even notice.
Education City in Qatar has made public lighting attractive with its decision to use aluminium light poles.
A light pole on the Havenplein in the Netherlands is attracting attention during both day and night.
A Cradle to Cradle Certified® (C2C) light pole helps you reach your sustainability goals. The products are made from environmentally friendly and healthy materials and are designed for recycling in a technical circle. We make them for you.
Hydro is supporting the municipal sustainability goals in Dutch cities by taking their old aluminium light poles and turning them into new ones.