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Round tubes as collectors for mobile and stationary air conditioning

Two decades ago only high-end vehicles were fitted with air conditioning. Today AC is standard in almost all vehicles. Not only has the quantity changed significantly, the application itself has also undergone several modifications.


Just as in the cooling of charge air, environmental laws focus on “green” technologies, resulting in industry-wide R&D on alternative coolants such as ammonia or CO2, demanding higher pressures systems. Our thick-walled round tubes are used in condensers, evaporators and heaters, traditional or new innovative designs.

We can deliver in short lengths or long tubes, in perfectly round or D-shape, as plain tubes or ready to use including slots, drill holes, baffles and welded-on connection blocks. Responding to the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles, our newest development shows lengthwise slots to be used as collectors for contact battery coolers.

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