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You are welcome to download and use our logo, but please follow the straightforward design requirements. You can view and download images of our people, products and facilities on Flickr.

Hydro Logo

The Hydro logo is our signature and our brand’s most widely recognized element. It consists of two components in a fixed relationship to one another — the brand mark and the logotype.

The primary logo is the vertical lock-up version, with the brand mark above the logotype. This must be used whenever possible. The secondary, horizontal lock-up, should only to be used when the available space is limited.

Minimum Size 

To ensure clean and legible lettering and art detail, the width of the primary Hydro logo must never be less than 10 mm. The secondary logo width must never be less than 17 mm.

There must always be sufficient space surrounding the Hydro logo to avoid competition with other elements and to maintain its visual impact.
The recommended open space is relative to the logo size, and is 1x the height of the brandmark. Try to allow at least this amount of clear space - it will help give the logo clarity.


Sometimes, the recommended amount of clear space will not be possible to achieve. In these situations, strive for a minimum open space of 0.5x the height of the brandmark.



Hydro logo vertical blue
Primary Blue


Hydro logo vertical black
Primary Black


Hydro logo vertical white
Primary White

Hydro logo tagline vertical blue
Tagline Blue

Hydro logo tagline vertical black
Tagline Black

Hydro logo tagline white
Tagline White

Hydro logo horizontal blue
Secondary Blue

Hydro logo horizontal black
Secondary Black

Hydro logo horizontal white
Secondary White

Service desk

If you have questions or problems relating to the use of Hydro's logo, please call our dedicated Service Desk who will be able to assist with your enquiries: +47 90 08 02 50