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Designing with aluminium

Aluminium is popular for all kinds of industrial or consumer durables due to its endless aesthetic possibilities, flexibility and light weight.

Aluminium escalator

Strong and flexible

Aluminium is flexible and malleable and can be formed into an endless number of shapes. It is heavy enough to be stable and resistant, but light enough to move around easily. When designing, you can either integrate several product functions into one extruded profile or use aluminium strip or sheet for your applications.

Aesthetic, green and durable

With powder coating technology, the range of color options is limitless. Many surface treatments are available, including textured finishes.

Aluminium is suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications, as it is resistant to rust. It is also durable, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Making your ideas reality

In a simple way, our experts can show the design possibilities of aluminium. Screw ports. Channels. Drill grooves. Snap-fit locks. Decorative trim. Friction patterns. Anti-slip surfaces. We know there is no limit to ideas.

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