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Reduced weight and increased torsion strength resistance

Aluminium can help you obtain weight and production savings and improve the quality and efficiency of your vessels and structures.

Aluminium reduces weight without sacrificing structural strength: The unique qualities of extruded aluminium component design provides you with exceptionally high torsion strength resistance.

Unmatched experience and expertise

We offer aluminium solutions that are designed to meet heavy structural loads and cope with aggressive environments. You will experience:

  • Significantly shorter assembly time
  • Simplified construction process
  • Little material distortion when applying friction stir welding, resulting in unmatched flatness tolerances

Friction stir welding

In 1996, as the first company in the world, we started industrial scale production using friction stir welding as a joining method. Today, we can offer customers aluminium panels that are up to 18 meters long and 3.5 meters wide.

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Technical knowledge about how to use aluminium at sea

In the offshore and marine industries, weight saving is one of the levers for reducing cost. It has a direct impact on transportation cost as well as cost and time for installation and decommissioning. Aluminium is a great material for the marine and offshore environment. It is non-combustible and has better fire protection capabilities than carbon fiber.

Experts to help marine and offshore engineers

Are you a builder of cruise ships, mega yachts, defence vessels, fast ferries or supplier to the entire offshore and marine construction industry? We develop and manufacture machined, pre-assembled and finished components using our own extrusion technology and friction stir welding techniques. Our specialists and engineers are working to constantly to develop new solutions and technologies for the offshore and maritime industries.

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