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The reporting requirement applies to Hydro as a supplier of goods with a total turnover of £36 million or more in the UK and more than AUD 100 million in Australia. The statement is valid for Norsk Hydro ASA and its consolidated subsidiaries. These include, but are not limited to, the fully-owned production units Hydro Aluminium Deeside Ltd, Hydro Building Systems UK Ltd., and Hydro Extrusion UK Ltd in the UK and the fully-owned holding company Hydro Aluminium Australia Pty Limited in Australia. The latter is the owner of Hydro’s 12.4 percent of the shares in the joint venture Tomago Aluminium Smelter and Tomago Aluminium Smelter management company Tomago Aluminium Company Pty.

The statement is prepared based on information collected from all consolidated entities in Hydro. In addition, the above-mentioned legal entities have been consulted on the sections themselves. Entities that are not fully owned by, but are controlled by Hydro, can have different policies. We expect that their relevant policies are aligned with the ones of Hydro. The Modern Slavery Transparency Statement is approved and signed by the Board of Directors of the parent company Norsk Hydro ASA in the responsibility statements.

From 2021, the Modern Slavery Transparency Statement is integrated in Hydro’s annual reports.

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