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As we aim to create industries that matter, we also aim to contribute to creating thriving, inclusive and fair societies. We will do this by focusing our efforts on investing in education, supporting a just transition and responsible sourcing responsibly through our supply chain.

Respecting and promoting human rights, collaboration and transparency continue to be important for how we will work toward our social ambition.

Our social ambitions address our external impact. Internally, we continue our efforts on HSE (health, safety and environment), Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging and other important areas to ensure a sustainable work environment based on inclusion of our differences.

Invest in education

We want to equip people with essential skills and training for the future economy.

We will do this by supporting education for upskilling and reskilling for future jobs, training, and skills development programs directly and via partners and strengthening educational institutions.

Support just transition

Contribute to economic development in the societies where we operate.

We will do this by ensuring responsible and inclusive business practices, enabling capacity building through skills development for marginalized groups, supporting local business development and entrepreneurship, contributing to solving access to local basic needs, and engaging in relevant partnerships and arena.

Responsible supply chain

Ensure transparent and sustainable improvements in the supply chains.

We will do this by creating infrastructure for upstream and downstream transparency on key sustainability data, incentivizing high sustainability performance among our suppliers, ensuring responsible working conditions in the supply chain, and supporting supplier development programs.