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The modern world needs more- sustainable materials that are not only responsibly sourced and produced with low emissions but are also recyclable and durable. Together with our partners and customers, we’re working to redefining how we produce essential materials. Our efforts are focused on decarbonizing aluminum production, restoring nature rather than depleting it, and ensuring that the journey towards sustainability leaves no one behind.

From automotive giants to pioneers in building and construction, we are joining industry leaders to change the game through low-carbon and recycled aluminum. 

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Automotive: driving sustainability one car at a time

In the automotive industry, we are driving change by providing carmakers with low-carbon and recycled aluminium solutions, that reduces both the weight and carbon footprint of each vehicle. In addition, we are tackling the supply chain of batteries to make it more sustainable through production and recycling.

Our collaboration with Porsche aims to further decarbonize the supply chain of sports cars, showcasing our ability to provide more sustainable aluminium solutions without compromises. We are also collaborating on an innovative value chain concept for battery materials and battery recycling. Read all about it here.

In partnership with Mercedes-Benz, we're on the road to carbon neutrality. We are contributing to reduce their overall carbon emissions by supplying low-carbon aluminium for use in their fleet, including EQ models. We have also agreed to a common low-carbon technology roadmap in the period 2023-2030. Learn more here.

We've joined hands with Polestar to create a climate-neutral car. This groundbreaking initiative is made possible with our low-carbon and recycled aluminium. Explore our journey with Polestar here.

Together with Volvo Group, we intend to form a roadmap towards supplying primary aluminium in 2030 with an 80 percent reduced carbon footprint compared to today’s global industry average. We will also cooperate to enable greater use of low-carbon aluminium in Volvo's production and will explore how Volvo Group's innovative transport solutions can be used in Hydro's mining operations in Brazil to further reduce the carbon intensity of the aluminium value chain. Read more here

Hydro will deliver recycled, low-carbon aluminium extrusions for WEVC’s coming electric commercial vehicle, resulting in an embedded carbon footprint that is 50 percent lower than the competition. Learn more here


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Transportation: accelerating the green transition also on two wheels

In our quest to decarbonize transportation, we're not just focusing on four-wheelers; we're taking a comprehensive approach to include the ever-growing two-wheel segment. 

Our partnership with Brompton Bicycle, the UK based bicycle company, aims to reduce both the weight and carbon footprint in Brompton’s range of iconic folding bicycles through low-carbon aluminium, leading to reach net-zero by 2050. Read more here.

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Furniture: green is the new black

In the furniture industry, our partnerships are shaping the future of sustainable design. We are working with furniture manufacturers to embed more sustainable materials and solutions right at the heart of their production process.

Our collaboration with Vestre showcases how sustainability and design can go hand in hand. Vestre's new furniture factory incorporates our short-haul low-carbon aluminium, highlighting the future of sustainable furniture manufacturing. Learn more about our work with Vestre here.

Hem and Formafantasma created the T Shelf - a unique piece of timeless design made entirely from recycled aluminium. This initiative underscores how aluminium can leverage to sustainability in everyday products. Find out more about here.

Supporting Flokk in developing a new conference chair resulted in 70% carbon reduction per chair, and a beautifully designed chair using recycled aluminium, and recycled plastic or FSC certified wood. Read more about our work with Flokk here.


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Building & Construction: materials for true emissions-free buildings and facades

Buildings account for around 26% of global energy related emissions and is a natural place to start reducing. Low-carbon aluminium offers an easy way to dramatically reduce emissions both in the construction and lifetime of the building.

Windows and doors are commonly made from aluminium. Producing them using low-carbon aluminium is a good start, but windows cannot be made entirely from aluminium. This is why Hydro Building Systems and Saint Gobain has partnered to reduce the carbon emissions in the entire window, including the glass. Read more about our partnership here.

It all starts with the architecture. This is why Hydro through our building systems WICONA and Technal collaborate with a wide range of world class architects to design the sustainable buildings of the future. For instance in the first residential building in New York by Zaha Hadid, and the use of the first 100% recycled aluminium used in Innovationsbogen project in Augsburg, Germany. The material used is  Hydro CIRCAL 100R  made entirely from old aluminium scrap and with the close to zero emissions created in production.


a black and blue stroller

Lifestyle: from strollers to design through greener aluminium 

Our partnerships go beyond mainstream industries. Our focus is not just on producing better, greener products, but also on tackling how these products positively impact people's lives and contributes to the circular economy.

We've broadened our relationship with a renowned European stroller producer, providing them with our greener aluminium. This initiative shows the importance of sustainability in all aspects of life, even for the youngest among us. Learn more about our partnership here.

In association with the Norwegian designer Lars Beller, we've unveiled a stylish aluminium bench that fuses a taste of Italy with our commitment to a sustainable future. This is an embodiment of our belief that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Explore the story behind the Bello Bench here.

Colloboration is the path to zero

Aluminium is integral to a multitude of industries due to its exceptional properties: it's lightweight, strong, and infinitely recyclable, which makes it a valuable resource for more sustainable solutions. However, the production process is energy-intensive, emitting greenhouse gases, and it may have impacts on the environment and local communities if not managed responsibly.

We recognize and acknowledge that we are part of the problem. And that's exactly why we are also an essential part of the solution. To simply step away would be to shirk our responsibility. Instead, we choose to engage, to innovate, to improve. Our commitment to sustainability revolves around three core pillars - Climate, Environment, and Social Sustainability. Each partnership, each step we take, reflects these commitments.

We have set a bold target to cut our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030, and then completely by 2050 or earlier. Continual improvement is a cornerstone of our strategy, and we persistently work towards enhancing the energy efficiency of our operations. We've made significant progress in tapping into renewable energy sources for our aluminium production, mitigating our carbon footprint effectively. We are also committed to the circular economy, amplifying our efforts to recycle both pre- and post-consumer aluminium scrap and use it for aluminium production. 

We are commitment to biodiversity and land rehabilitation, particularly in regions where we mine bauxite ore. We work to restore the land after mining operations, preserving, and re-establishing local flora and fauna. We have set an ambition to achieve No Net Loss of biodiversity in new projects across Hydro’s business areas, and longer-term ambitions to eliminate landfilling of recoverable waste and the need for permanent storage of bauxite residue.

Recognizing the impact of our operations on local communities, we ensure to engage, involve, and develop alongside them, believing in mutual growth. Our focus is to uphold human rights, respect labor rights, and maintain open and transparent dialogue with society and other stakeholders. It's this socially responsible stance that guides us on our journey to zero, acknowledging that sustainable progress is only meaningful when it encompasses all stakeholders.


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