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The Stashed Products SpaceRail bicycle storage system

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Stashed Products chooses the right aluminium for SpaceRail

“We have a strong viewpoint on making products that are rebuildable and recyclable,” says Elliot Tanner. Which is why he is pleased with the new SpaceRail bicycle storage system – and its use of low-carbon aluminium.

As society is becoming more aware of the detrimental effects pollution is having on the planet, increasing numbers of people are taking up cycling as a mode of transport – and not just as a form of exercise. This eco-friendly attitude is also carrying into the way the bicycles are made and how they are stored. Sustainability is the key word.

Elliot Tanner is the founder and technical director of Wales-based Stashed Products, which has just launched the SpaceRail system.

The SpaceRail bike storage system is ideal for families and individual use, as well as for workplaces and customer-based establishments. Why? Because the system can hold large numbers of bikes at any one time and reduce the storage volume by up to 50%.

a person wearing a helmet and holding a bicycle

It achieves this by reducing bike spacings to 150mm by rotating, sliding and overlapping bikes, which means storing the bicycles as close together as they can be.

Hydro RESTORE aluminium alloys

SpaceRail’s lightweight rail is made from Hydro RESTORE aluminium. This product uses a blend of pre- and post-consumer metal, and primary aluminium, which makes the rail durable and recyclable.

Stashed Products SpaceRail bicycle storage system made with Hydro RESTORE aluminium

The rail has been anodized, which makes it more attractive while adding durability. Anodizing can be done in a range of different colors, and it creates a smooth surface that is dirt-repellent. Perfect for the hard environments in which the product is used. And anodizing has no effect on the recyclability of the product.

The manufacturing work, from the recycling of used aluminium to the finished anodized rail, occurs entirely within the UK, which means CO2 emissions are low compared to imported materials.

“Aluminium was the obvious choice for the SpaceRail project as we could produce an intricate feature-rich extrusion that is high-strength yet aesthetically appealing,” says Elliot Tanner.

“Most products of this type use folded steel C-section rails, whereas the aluminium extrusion allowed us to produce features that could be used for connections of end caps and joining components, that otherwise would not be possible. This means the product stands out in the market. Aluminium was the right fit for this.”

Learn more about Hydro RESTORE recycled aluminium

Photos courtesy of Stashed Products

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