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Crash-friendly aluminium lighting columns

Even at low speeds, a car crashing into a tree can be fatal. Crashing into an aluminium lighting column from Hydro, is a very different matter.

tall light poles at motorway

Aluminium saves lives

Hydro's crash-friendly aluminium poles reduce the risk of personal injuries after a collision, thus increasing road safety.

To develop the safest constructions for our roads, we have conducted crash tests on our aluminium pole products since the 1970s. The knowledge we have gained from these tests, has led to a range of safe, secure and sustainable aluminium solutions that meet all your lighting needs, while being crash-friendly and reducing the risk of personal injuries after a collision.

Crash-friendly columns make roads safer

Depending on your needs, we offer passive safe columns, such as:

  • Lighting columns
  • Traffic signal poles
  • Sign posts
  • CCTV columns

We can offer a complete range of passive safe products: high energy absorbing (HE) poles, low energy absorbing (LE) poles and non energy absorbing (NE) poles. The poles are tested according to EN 12767, and are certified according to EN 40/EN 12899. 

Expertise in passive safety

Expertise and years of experience in the execution of crash tests have contributed to the creation of a Whitepaper about passive safe lighting columns and support structures. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Crash test movie HE columns


Crash test movie NE columns

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