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Birdsview of Økern Portal. The facade is coated with aluminium.

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Hydro updates and upgrades Extrusion Design Manual

Hydro has updated its popular Extrusion Design Manual, which has long served as a leading source of technical information related to designing with aluminium. In addition to its new look, the manual provides new information about aluminium’s role in the concept of ecodesign and sustainability. It is also available in print form.

Hydro produced its first edition of the Design Manual in 1980. The “industry bible” has since been updated continuously and made available to customers, architects, designers, engineers and students who are eager to learn more about aluminium and the design possibilities with extruded aluminium profiles.

The 234 page manual contains information on aluminium design, alloy selection, joining, profile tolerances, surface quality, surface treatment, machining, corrosion and structural calculations, among other things. It is an invaluable guide for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of aluminum design. The manual is available digitally in seven languages.

Technical information about aluminium

The current update includes new sections about ecodesign and benefits related to sustainability in general. Within the manual you will find photographs, illustrations, tables and technical information about all things aluminium.

“The Extrusion Design Manual underlines our commitment to supplying innovative aluminium solutions and to raising the knowledge level about aluminium profiles among current and potential customers,” says Erika Ahlqvist, Vice President People, Communication & Sustainability for the Hydro Extrusions business area.

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