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Media gallery

You are welcome to download and use media from Hydro. On this page you will find links to high resolutions images, videos and information on the use of our logo.

Hydro employees


High resolutions images of our people, products, operations and activities worldwide can be found on Flickr.

Photos are free to use with photographer credit, which is found under each image. If no photographer is stated, credit Hydro (Photo: Hydro). 

Bauxite & Alumina

Images from our bauxite & alumina operations.

Images on Flickr
Bauxite mining


Images from our energy operations.

Images on Flickr
Såheim kraftverk, Hydro Energy

Aluminium Metal

Images from our primary metal operations.

Images on Flickr
Hydro worker in Karmøy technology pilot


Images from our extrusion operations.

Images on Flickr
Hydro employee working with extrusions


Videos from Hydro can be found on YouTube. You can embed most of the videos found on our channel. 

Hydro on Youtube

Find and watch our video content on Youtube.

Hydro employee at Sunndal

The Hydro logo

You are welcome to download and use our logo, but please follow the straightforward design requirements. More information about the use of our logo can be found in our brand center.

Our logo

Information on the use of the Hydro logo.

Brand Center

Should you have any questions related to the use of media content, you can contact the press officer on call.