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The case brought forward in the Netherlands is related to local matters in Brazil, which are already being discussed before Brazilian courts. The case is only a derivative of the same allegations against the Brazilian entities Alunorte and Albras.

On this basis, Hydro asked the Dutch Court to stay the proceedings in the Netherlands pending a final judgment in Brazil. The Court ruled in its decision today that the case will proceed to a discussion of the merits in the Rotterdam Court. Hydro will file its defense in accordance with the process laid out by the Court.

Hydro strongly denies the allegations brought forward by the plaintiffs. Hydro is committed to being a good neighbor, acting responsibly, and putting health, environment and safety first wherever it operates. Alunorte’s and Albras’ activities in the region are duly licensed, and operations at the plants are monitored and audited by the authorities.

Following the heavy rainfall in February 2018, more than 90 inspections and audits were carried out by public bodies, all of whom confirmed that there was no overflow from Alunorte’s water basins or bauxite residue deposits.

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