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Dilemmas of doing business abroad

Hydro is a global aluminium and energy company operating in 40 countries around the world. How does such a company deal with social responsibility expectations in these different countries and cultures?

Issues of environment, social and governance in global – the fast-growing area called ESG – can be many and complex. Many countries face challenges in development and social conditions that companies need to be prepared to face, and to contribute to improvements.

Hydro, which is prominent in Brazil and elsewhere, must balance local situations and framework conditions with its principles of governance, like codes of conduct for employees and suppliers – all while striving to meet the expectations of local communities and authorities.

"Hydro as a company cannot succeed if the communities where we operate don’t succeed," says Nina Schefte, who is Head of Social Responsibility.

Schefte recently spoke with Beate Ekeløv-Slydal, political advisor with Amnesty International Norway, who has overseen Amnesty's collaboration with Hydro for 20 years.

Nina Schefte, Head of Social Responsibility in Hydro (left), and Beate Ekeløv-Slydal of Amnesty International Norway.


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