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Struts are structural parts of the car suspension system. These have traditionally consisted of multiple parts assembled and mounted to the chassis of the vehicle.

We have gone one step further, using end-forming technology to develop an innovative one-piece solution with increased performance.

Standard vs Hydro struts

Coil in-line processing

Our high-speed coil in-line processing provides efficiency and flexibility to your process, with limited tooling costs.

End-forming concept

The struts are axial-compressed, expanded and folded. This guarantees weight savings and high performance.

Tailored extruded blanks technology

Through tailored shaping, the metal is located where needed, minimizing inefficient weight and providing a high weight-to-stiffness ratio.

Strut image

Product range:

  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal shapes
  • Surface treatment options
  • Several alloy possibilities according to technical specifications

 Potential applications in automotive:

  • Structural struts for car body trimming
  • Strut tower cross members
  • Front module cross members
  • IP beam components
  • Seat structures
  • Door beams
  • Pedal arms
  • Crashbox connections
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