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Technology and innovation

Hydro is on a continuous quest to improve our aluminium products and processes, developing cutting-edge technology to use less energy, cut climate emissions, and help our customers meet their commercial and sustainability goals.

Worker observing conveyor belt with cans destined for recycling

A major advantage for Hydro in innovation is our broad knowledge and control of the entire aluminium value chain, from bauxite mining, alumina refining, electrolysis of primary aluminium and alloy technology to finished products and recycling.

Our competitive advantage as a producer of aluminium is a continuous focus on improving our processes and products with an eye on the market and the environment.

Our R&D efforts are concentrated on:

  • Making products and solutions that promote the use of aluminium and sustainable development
  • Implementing technology elements in order to optimize productivity, energy efficiency and emissions in aluminium smelters
  • Developing recycling technology
  • Utilizing the opportunities of Industry 4.0 to improve process stability, productivity, cost and safety

Most of our primary aluminium production takes place in Norway, with our abundant renewable energy in the form of hydropower, as well as wind and solar power. But we don’t rest there.

In our primary aluminium production, we have spent decades finding new ways to use less electricity. Making aluminium is an energy-intensive business. By reducing the amount of electricity needed to produce a tonne of aluminium, we reduce the amount of climate emissions per tonne of aluminium.

One example is our 75,000-tonne-per-year technology pilot aluminium plant at Karmøy, Norway, which employs our proprietary HAL4e technology and reached full production in 2018. The Karmøy Technology Pilot is producing the world’s most climate- and energy-efficient primary aluminium.

That technology doesn’t stay in Karmøy. Our primary aluminium in Husnes is doubling its capacity by opening a new production line using the advanced Karmøy technology. That line can produce the among the most energy- and climate-efficient aluminium in the world.

Another example of our advanced technology is our Used Beverage Can recycling operation at our Neuss plant in Germany, which can recycle up to 50,000 tonnes of cans per year. We turn this resource into material for new can tabs, ends and bodies for our Rolled Products business, closing the recycling loop.

Our goal is not just to produce better, greener aluminium for our own sake, though. We work closely with our customers – early in the product cycle – to leverage our technological expertise in design solutions that help meet their goals for their market and the climate.

75 % van al het ooit geproduceerde aluminium is nog steeds in gebruik