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Since 1905, Hydro has turned natural resources into valuable products for people and businesses, creating a safe and secure workplace for our 33,000 employees in more than 140 locations and 40 countries. 

Today, we own and operate various businesses and have investments with a base in sustainable industries. Hydro is through its businesses present in a broad range of market segments for aluminum, energy, metal recycling, renewables and batteries, offering a unique wealth of knowledge and competence. 

33,000 Employees 40 Countries 118 Years

Hydro can offer our customers high quality aluminum products and services with some of the markets lowest C02 footprint. Additionally, Hydro can offer a detailed roadmap towards net- zero emission aluminum production, and is also the only player in the market with full control of our aluminum value chain from mining through refining and primary aluminum production to fabrication of end products. 

Hydro is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable future, creating more viable societies by developing natural resources into products and solutions in innovative and efficient ways.

We are now changing the aluminum game to provide greener materials to products crucial for sustaining the world's rapid development. 

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