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Hydro St. Augustine, FL

Hydro's Extrusion plant in St. Augustine, Florida, USA provides extrusion, machining, fabrication, and finishing services.

Extruded aluminum bar exiting the press

Your aluminum extrusion partner

At the heart of our business lies over 50 years of global experience in aluminum extrusions and manufacturing processes. Education, design, manufacturing, fabrication, surface treatment, finishing and logistics, such as packaging and distribution – we offer unmatched capabilities, knowledge and competence in finding the best possible solution for your aluminum project – every time. 

Value adding through innovation and R&D 

Hydro's material and process research, as well as our experience in application development, add value to your business. We offer support from our research and development teams worldwide in your design and product development. We help innovate energy-efficient solutions that match your needs for light weight and reduced energy consumption.

Hydro St. Augustine is also a Hydro casthouse location and the production location for American Conduit by Hydro.


200 Riviera Blvd,

St. Augustine, FL 32086

United States
+1 904-794-1500

Extrusion Presses

2750 ton - 8"
2750 ton - 9" (two)

Extrusion North America Documents