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Modulo IV

Thermal Break Systems and Skyline


Windows with TB and Skyline and HA railing systems

Day 1:

 Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Joineries: The Thermal Break (TB)

 R640 RPT Sliding and Swinging.

 HA62 RPT Sliding, Swing and Parallel Tilt.

 HA62 RPT Raised

 Practical Arming Raising Hardware.

Day 2:

 HA110 RPT Lifting and Sliding

 HA railing system.

 Skyline Railing System, the glass railing.

 Visit of a glass specialist (safety, dvh and efficient glass).

 Visit of a specialist in Fixing Systems.


 Acquire the necessary knowledge to understand what a good thermal insulation is based on, its benefits and how it is applied in the TB aluminum  systems.

 To provide the necessary knowledge for the correct assembly of our TB systems and all their opening variants.

 To know our Skyline railing system (only glass) as well as the HA railing.

 Knowledge through a specialist of the types of glass according to their application.

Specialist knowledge of mechanical and chemical fixing systems.

To whom it is addressed:

 Anyone who needs to know or incorporate the High Performance lines with TB as well as the railing systems.

 It is advisable to have completed courses I and II or have previous experience to attend this course.