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Innovative extruded aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles are used in applications for windows, doors, electronics, transportation and thousands of product areas in between. From customized extrusions to fully fabricated components, our experts help design, extrude and manufacture the aluminium profiles that shape your world.

man in workshop with many different extrusion dies

Your aluminium extrusion partner

At the heart of our offerings lies over 50 years of knowledge and experience in aluminum extrusions and manufacturing processes. Education, design, manufacturing, fabrication, surface treatment, finishing and logistics, such as packaging and distribution – we offer unmatched capabilities, knowledge and competence in finding the best possible solution for your aluminum project – every time.

Sustainability starts with design and material selection

The majority of a product's environmental impact is committed early in the design process. Choosing recyclable materials, we can design products in a way that makes them easy to send back into the loop. With Hydro EcoDesign and low-carbon aluminum, we offer innovative design and safe materials to make your aluminum profiles more environmentally friendly.

Value adding through innovation and R&D

Our material and process research, as well as our experience in application development, add value to your business. We offer support from our research and development teams worldwide in your design and product development. We help innovate energy-efficient solutions that match your needs for light weight and reduced energy consumption.

Education in extruded aluminium design

Designing with aluminium states your intent to produce a great product with a strong, light, durable, environmental and design-friendly material. Increased knowledge is driving the use of aluminium, and we are proud to have educated thousands of customers in the use of aluminium in our Profile Academies

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