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Hydro manufactures aluminium profiles for these automated distribution centers. They offer benefits such as flexibility and scalability, easy bending and efficient assembly.

Some of the customers who have chosen aluminium profiles from Hydro in their systems are shown in the video below:

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Applications for conveyor belts

Conveyor belts can be used as logistical systems in warehouses. Extruded aluminium profiles are also used in the production of conveyor systems. Here are a few examples:

Extruded aluminium profiles for conveyor belts

1. Fast and efficient assembly of products by adding functionalities to the profile

By adding functionalities to the profile, components such as side guides and sensors can easily be mounted. Corner connectors or mounting plates allow you to assemble your products quickly and efficiently.

Aluminium corner connectors and mounting plate profiles

2.  Working flexibly with modular aluminium profile systems

Aluminium profile systems provide speed and flexibility during processing and assembly. The modular systems can be adapted to any working environment and are easy to expand with future transport solutions.

3. Reduce costs by designing more efficient products based on Hydro EcoDesign and our technical support

Developing your own extrusion to replace a standard profile for your application? This can give you a quick return on your investment. By optimizing the design, the weight of your profiles can be reduced, and integrating various functions into the profile design facilitates assembly during further processing. A local, dedicated and experienced team of product engineers and our global R&D network ensure that you receive unparalleled design and application expertise.

4. Improve design aesthetics by bending extruded profiles

The ability to incorporate bent aluminium profiles into a structure gives a designer more design freedom. A properly designed extrusion that is effectively bent can create a seamless joint in a structure.

Bent aluminium profiles creating a seamless joint

Extruded profiles with a wall thickness of 2 mm to as much as 15 mm can be bent, and small bending radii of 300 mm. are possible in the process. The bending possibilities are different for each profile and thereby need to be considered separately.

5. Reduce number of suppliers and save time by providing one-stop-shop service

A construction made with extruded aluminium profiles is light, durable and low maintenance. The right surface treatment protects the surface of the profile and ensures a sleek appearance. As a "one-stop-shop," in addition to the extrusion of long lengths and precision profiles, we can mill, anodize, powder coat and cut profiles to size. This enables you to order a complete product or kit, and results in time savings.

6. Ease of doing business with a global supplier, but with a local approach

Are you developing your own transport system or logistics solution? Sometimes there are special requirements regarding dimensions or tolerances, as with rail or guideway profiles. Hydro specializes in the production of durable customer-specific aluminium profiles. We extrude small, medium as well as big and wide aluminium profiles at our locations throughout the world, so we are always locally present.

We can provide you with additional support through our Profile Academies, masterclasses and the guideline for extrusion design.

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