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When designing components or systems for challenging conditions, such as freezer plates or cold plates, it is essential that you consider the mechanical properties of the metal from which they will be produced.

Aluminum is ideally adapted to overcoming the challenges of low temperatures.

Meeting your needs with custom design

The demand for new cooling solutions is growing. This growth has been driven by the difference in needs from various industrial sectors, for example in the marine sector, where heat dissipation is critical to protect sensitive electrical components and to ensure a long life for the equipment.

In food and beverage applications, plate freezing is an established and popular industrial freezing method. It helps maintain the quality of food by ensuring quick freezing even for large products.  

Aluminium is a winner in cooling solutions. And with expertise in aluminium extrusion, fabrication and thermal design, we can develop customized designs that meet your performance requirements.

Aluminium cooling plates for marine applications

Hydro designs cooling plates for the marine sector. Our newest designs in this area – from small dimensions to ones as wide as 18 meters – take advantage of the benefits of the joining technology friction stir welding (FSW).

Freezer plate in aluminium, suitable for marine and offshore applications

The excellent repeatability of FSW ensures strong joints and solutions that give a direct cost reduction and reduced assembly time, and which provide long service life for your equipment.

In addition, as an integrated solution, this new design needs less space – ideal for application in tight areas. 6000-series alloys have extremely high conductivity and are therefore hugely efficient when applied in extruded aluminium profiles.

Sustainable aluminium cooling solutions

Aluminium unites the principle of sustainability with this freezing technology, which has significantly higher energy efficiency than other freezing techniques.

This makes extruded aluminium profiles the perfect starting point for developing customized cooling solutions.

What are the advantages of using aluminium in low temperatures?

  • Its high thermal and electrical conductivity
  • It is extremely malleable and can be formed into almost any shape
  • It is infinitely recyclable material, contributing to a circular economy
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