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Charitable donations to Save the Children exceed NOK 50 million

Hydro and Save the Children have had an agreement since 1987, and the total donation volume has now reached over NOK 50 million.

Save the Children is just one of the many organizations Hydro supports. In 2013, a total of NOK 27 million was used for social investments, charitable donations and sponsorship.

“Giving something back to society and contributing to viable local communities is at the heart of Hydro's business model. While our most important contribution to local communities is to develop natural resources and create local jobs, we also want to fund other organizations and initiatives, ”said Inger Sethov, Hydro's chief communication officer.

Save the Children

Children are the future. That is why Hydro has been supporting Save the Children since 1987. The starting point was an initiative by Hydro employees who voluntarily provided a monthly deduction from their salary to support the organization. This led Save the Children to introduce the model to other companies as well. Today more than 100 Norwegian companies participate in this order.

“We are very proud to see how high the contribution we have made to save the children is. It started at the grassroots and shows what ideas and actions by individuals can lead to. With the continued support of organizations such as Save the Children, we hope to help more children and young people realize their ideas and thereby contribute to positive local and global development, ”says Sethov.

Today the annual contribution is around NOK 1.6 million. The contribution partly consists of a donation that makes up Hydro's annual Christmas gift to its employees. Hydro also gives a crown for each of the company's beverage cans that are recycled in Norway.

“Save the Children Norway is very grateful for Hydro's donations. They make an important contribution to the work of Save the Children Norway. Hydro is one of our most important partners. Hydro's voluntary monthly salary deduction ensures good education for children in Ethiopia, Uganda and Nicaragua.

The donations from this partner agreement and the Christmas gift from Hydro support Save the Children's vision that every child has the right to survive, be protected, develop and participate. Our mission is to help ensure that the world treats children differently and is committed to immediate and sustainable changes in their lives. Hydro's support is an important contribution that allows us to implement our mission, ”said Tove R. Wang, Secretary General of Save the Children Norway.

People, Earth and Opportunities

Financial contributions to Save the Children are an important part of Hydro's partnership and community investment strategy, which focuses on partners and projects in three categories - People, Earth and Opportunities.

“We work with most partners on a long-term basis to ensure that the support bears fruit. When evaluating ongoing and future partnerships, the social and environmental impact of our investments is critical, as is groundbreaking technology and research. We will always look benevolently at initiatives that contribute to change and sustainable development both globally and locally, ”says Sethov.

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