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As an everyday consumer product, phones and other communication devices have to be durable. They also have to look and feel good. This is why manufacturers are choosing smooth, sophisticated aluminium for their consumer products. Aluminium won’t combust, spark or rust and is non-toxic and non-magnetic.

We deliver aluminium components in all shapes and sizes, including miniature aluminium extrusions, suitable for smartphones, laptop computers and other electronic devices.

Making your ideas reality

Screw ports. Channels. Drill grooves. Snap-fit locks. Decorative trim. Friction patterns. Anti-slip surfaces. There is no limit to how we can make your ideas a reality with aluminium.

Most of the electronic components in communication devices produce heat, which requires thermal dissipation to operate effectively. Aluminium’s thermal properties can quickly and effectively conduct heat and Hydro has many types of cooling modules for aluminium profiles.

Contact our technical experts about your application need
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