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“Clean, renewable power is the source of our company, and Hydro has a clear strategy to further reduce emissions from our operations. Increasing our use of clean energy is an important contributor to achieving that target," says Arvid Moss, Executive Vice President for Hydro’s Energy business area. 

Award for paving the way and inspiring others 

Hydro received the prize on October 23 in Stockholm by the Swedish Wind Energy Association (SWEA) at the annual VIND conference.  

“Through long-term Power-Purchase Agreements (PPA), Norsk Hydro has enabled investments of around 14 billion SEK in Swedish wind power projects which will produce nearly 4 TWh per year combined. This is equivalent to the annual output of half a nuclear reactor and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 2.4 million tonnes annually,” said Charlotte Unger Larson, CEO of SWEA at the award ceremony. 

Investments in batteries, wind and solar 

Since its founding in 1905, Hydro has been a pioneer in hydropower production. In 1906, the company built a hydroelectric power plant at Svelgfoss, close to Notodden in Norway, to provide energy for its first potassium nitrate plant. 

Recently, Hydro has increased its ambitions in renewable energyincluding wind, solar and battery storage, to provide clean and renewable energy for the company’s aluminium production. 

“We are aiming for more ’new’ renewable business going forward,” Moss says. 

Highlights role models outside the energy sector 

The Swedish Renewable Energy Award is awarded annually to a company that significantly contributes to the renewable transition of the energy system. The aim of the award is to highlight role models in the business world outside of the energy sector, who understand the need for renewable energy and the industry’s key role in this transition. Previous winners include Apple, IKEA, Tesla, Google, Wallenstam and Polarbröd. 

About the Swedish Wind Energy Association 
SWEA is a trade association for companies working with wind power. Its overriding goal is to ensure that wind power has broad public support, is profitable, competitive and a substantial part of a sustainable energy system. 

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