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Products covered by the duties are profiles, rods, bars, extruded tubes and pipes. Duty rates vary from 30.4 to 48%.

“For Hydro’s around 40 extrusion plants in Europe, the antidumping action is a move that will mitigate unfair competition. For our customers, this will contribute to making sure Europe continues to have a viable extrusion industry which will still have a high level of competition due to its many competitors,” says Egil Hogna, Head of Extruded Solutions in Hydro.

The duties are an outcome of an investigation opened in February 2020. The European Commission has now found that Chinese extrusions have been sold in the European Union at prices so low that they can be considered dumping and unfair competition to domestic producers.

While the provisional duties are expected to be enforced by mid-October, the investigation of the Commission will continue and is expected to be finalized in April 2021. At that point, the tariffs may be confirmed as definitive, modified or removed. If confirmed, the tariff will normally be in place for five years.


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