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Profile Academy in Italy

Participate in a two-day training experience that Hydro organizes to spread the culture of aluminium. Different topics, project works, business cases are only some of the activities included in the program. Would you like to get more details?

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Aluminium: the metal of the future

The Hydro Profile Academy is a free training session dedicated to customers and partners to discuss different topics concerning aluminium and its extrusion process.

Why participate?

We are passionate about sharing experiences, stories and information about the design of aluminium profiles, their processing and surface treatment, always with a look at sustainability.
If you want to get to know us better and learn how aluminium can be used for infinite solutions, this is the right opportunity to do so.

This is what participants have said about their experience:

"The Profile Academy covers a broad area. This provided me with an excellent basis for further development in subjects that are necessary in the automotive industry. I see now that the material and the construction methods offer excellent opportunities."

"My visit to the Profile Academy provided me with an interesting view on the options in designing aluminium profiles. The course covered the technique and also provided me with a number of ideas for applications. I learned so much."

Free of charge

It is an opportunity for learning that we offer free of charge to our customers, designers and product developers, technicians, engineers and architects from all markets and sectors. Our technical specialists will show you what is important in design and give you valuable input for different applications. You will also learn about the various possibilities of surface treatment and machining.

Hydro Profile Academy…in Italy

Once a year we organize two full immersion days into the world of aluminium and extrusion with customers, technicians, engineers and architects.
We offer a complete overview from the story of aluminium and its properties to its extrusion process, as well as tolerances and design guidelines.

Examples of course contents:

  • Material, alloys, and properties
  • The extrusion process
  • Dies
  • Sustainability
  • Extrusion tolerances
  • Design guidelines
  • Surface treatments
  • Mechanical processing
  • Project work: examples and analysis of solutions and profiles with a focus on overall costs

Sharing knowledge

Learn more about the possibilities that aluminium offers for the development of innovative and green solutions.

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