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Sheet ingots for the rolling industry

We supply a wide range of sheet ingot dimensions and alloys based on primary metal.

sheet ingots

We offer alloys in the 1xxx-, 3xxx-, 4xxx-, 5xxx-, 6xxx- and 8xxx- series, produced according to customer-specific needs and requirements.

In cooperation with our customers we continuously aim at improving our products and processes, and we offer support to utilize the full potential of our products.

Key features

  • Consistent alloy composition
  • Wide range of formats including customized widths
  • Low level of impurities
  • Precise geometry tolerances
  • Excellent surface quality

Application areas

  • Lithographic printing plates
  • Packaging
  • Building
  • Automotive and transport
  • General engineering

Product details

Sheet ingots are produced in thicknesses ranging from 400 to 600 mm, widths from 800 to 2200 mm and lengths up to 8.5 meters. We offer alloys in the 1xxx-, 3xxx-, 4xxx-, 5xxx-, 6xxx- and 8xxx- series. Our casting technology, Adjustable Flexible Moulds (AFM), ensure excellent geometry and the opportunity to customize widths which lead to higher yield in the rolling process.

How we can help you

  • Full-scale R&D casting center for trial casting
  • R&D programs to develop technology, processes and products
  • Develop product portfolio and customer services
  • The Hydro Service Portal covers a wide range of customized and personalized commercial and technical services and is open to all customers
  • We can offer Electronic Data Transfer (EDI)

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