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Just a few months ago, in June, he was graduating from NTNU (the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) after five years of study in energy and the environment. In August, he entered in Hydro’s Trainee Program with as assignment as a project engineer in the Projects business area.

He’s looking forward to a half-year in more southern latitudes, but it isn’t the warm climate that’s most important to him.

“I’m travelling to Qatar to contribute to a huge project and have been given job full of responsibilities – and I’m really looking forward to it. I think you learn the most when you have been given responsibility, so I’m really glad to have this opportunity so early in my career,” Bomstad says.


In Qatar, he will help ensure the technical quality of the equipment delivered by suppliers meets Hydro’s standards. He will be part of a team that has overall responsibility for technical quality of the entire aluminium plant, which is a 50-50 joint venture between Hydro and Qatar Petroleum.

“I feel privileged to be part of the most intense finalization phase of this megaproject, just three months before production is to start,” he says.

He sees the Trainee Program as a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the breadth of Hydro’s activities.

Fascinated by big projects

The first time he hear about Hydro’s project in Qatar was during a presentation by Tom Røtjer, head of Hydro’s Projects organization, for NTNU students in Trondheim.

Bomstad remembers well that he was fascinated by a TV series on Discover Channel about big projects around the world. And he was fascinated by the enormous number of pieces that made up the puzzle that would fall into place in Qatalum, where up to 17,000 people from many different cultures worked together to bring the project to life on time and within budget.

Happy traveler

The 24-year-old likes to travel, and the possibility for international experience is an important reason that he applied to Hydro’s Trainee Program.

“I have travelled a lot and think it’s exciting to learn about other cultures. I also want to work with the ‘best in class.’ So there was no doubt that it would be Hydro’s trainee program I would be applying to!”

He intends to use his time in Qatar to see as much of the region as he can

“Bahrain and Oman are exciting destinations, in addition to Qatar,” he says.

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