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Update on cyber attack March 28

Hydro continues to progress towards normal operations. In four out of five business areas, production is running at normal speed, but with manual workarounds. Also Extruded Solutions, the business area hardest affected, is approaching normalized production levels.

Hydro’s primary objective remains to restart operations in a safe and secure manner, gradually progressing production back to normal, and limiting any further impact on customers, suppliers and other partners.

Hydro is also working to ensure IT capabilities for internal administrative processes, such as systems for payroll, treasury and reporting, some of which have been affected by the cyber attack.

Update on operational status in the business areas

Energy: Production running as normal

Bauxite & Alumina: Production running as normal

Primary Metal: Production running as normal, with higher degree of manual operation

Rolled Products: Production running as normal, with higher degree of manual operation

Extruded Solutions:  Production in the three business units Extrusion Europe, Extrusion North America and Precision Tubing currently running at an average output of 80-85 percent. In the Building Systems unit operations are currently at 40-50 percent, up from 20 percent on Wednesday. There are still local variations from plant to plant. Based on current progress, the expectation is for Building Systems to continue gradually ramping up production and shipments during the week.

halvor molland

Halvor Molland

Senior vice president, Group Communication

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